Ares Mayhem – Silence

Intended as a companion to the Mondo Muerte horror zine released by Mutilatia Press, this two-track CD was written and recorded in 2000. Remastered eleven years later, it is now available to the public for the first time. No performances have been reproduced.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ghostie at Spinebender Studios in mid-late 2000.

Layout based upon artwork by William Blake and Franz von Stuck.

The Process – Feeding Myself Death

The Process is:

Nathan Bradford (Vocals)
Dennis Witham (Programming, Keyboards, Guitars, Bass, Vocals)
Mike Arnold (Beats, Programming and Keys)

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by:

Dennis Witham and Mike Arnold
at Save Yourself Studios – Bangor, ME

All Music and Lyrics Written by The Process except:

Corey Paradise – Vocals and Lyrics (Transparent Society)
Matt Thompson – Vocals (What Do You Mean Who Am I?)
Eric K. – Guitars and Drum Programming (One Winter Day)
Paul Bosse – Drums (Midnight With You)

Transparent Society contains portions from “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams

One Winter Day contains portions from Charles Bukowski spoken word recordings

Cover Art by Nate Spearing

Swords of I-Ching – Ten Minutes in Advance of the Truth

This EP is the second release from Swords of I-Ching. Exploring new territories in composition, melody, and style, Ten Minutes in Advance of the Truth is a fresh blend of modern music, blurring the lines of hip-hop, rock, and electronica.

Download Company Man or Et Cetera for free.

Boss – Defining Boss

Defining Boss is the third Boss album on Flophouse Records. This is twelve songs of social critique and self-reflection. Sometimes direct, and sometimes a storyteller, Boss lays down compelling rhymes full of substance and clever turns-of-phrase. Though never skimping on hooks and delivery, the lyrics and message are clearly the focus. On this release, we don’t see a rapper trying for a hot single, but a writer exposing his inner thoughts and laying down his legacy.

Defining Boss retains Boss’s rhythmic skills while adding the juxtaposition of melodic vocals. This is welcome growth in a more classic style, avoiding any overly modern cliches like T-Pain auto-tune or Kanye West chipmunk vocals. Musically, Defining Boss, is also more classic in style, rooted in samplers and drum machines. There isn’t an over-abundance of synths or production trickery. Straight-up and no-frills, being produced solely by Xavier Lazerus who worked on the previous Finding Boss and Boss Is.

Watch the video interview Opening the Gray featuring Boss.

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