Felix J. Palma – The Map of Time

Publisher: Atria Books, 2011


aka El mapa del tiempo

aka El mapa del tiempo

Plot Overview

Set in Victorian England, The Map of Time includes three separate but intertwining stories, (although the characters don’t always realize it). In the first story, a suicidal young man finds a new lust for life when he is given an opportunity to possibly save his long-dead lover and kill her murderer before he commits another act of violence. Armed with a gun he journeys to the past to kill none other than Jack the Ripper.

The second tale follows a young woman who feels she was born in the wrong time. She goes on a journey and meets a hero of the future who she falls deeply in love with almost instantly but one thing keeps them apart: about 200 years or so.

The last tale centers on the character who links everyone together, author H.G. Wells. His book, The Time Machine, has gained great popularity and the entirety of London is caught up in time travel fever. The one person everyone looks to for time travel information and guesses, Wells, is the one person who doesn’t believe its possible. But, when a body is found in an alley with a quote written in blood on the wall, a quote from his unpublished book, Wells has to ask himself if he’s been wrong all along.


Have you ever gone to the movies, settled in with your drinks and junk food, ready for an enjoyable evening? Then, after the credits begin to roll, have you walked out in silence, trying to wrap your mind around the incredible thing you just watched onscreen?

That’s what happened to me when I read this book. I read the last page, closed the cover and just sat there. And sat there. I was completely overwhelmed. Here was probably one of the most incredible stories I had ever read. I honestly don’t know what to say about this book because I just loved it so very much. I’m not even sure I can pick out certain things; I loved the book in its entirety.

Palma’s book is witty and imaginative, an adventure that could appeal to anyone who is a lover of fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction or anyone who just wants a good story! Admittedly, the book is quite thick. Those who aren’t big readers or are daunted by the size of a book probably won’t be picking it up off the shelf. (However, I assume that all of you reading this are readers…so I know you’ll go pick up a copy today!

The prose is occasionally wordy and the paragraphs are long but Palma writes with a style that can entertain and keep a reader interested even when the paragraph is almost a page long. Written in the third person by an unnamed narrator, we know what thoughts are running through the characters heads as well as what the narrator thinks of the events within the novel. The narrator is diligent in telling us the stories of the characters and also has a sense of humor, occasionally going on rants that are both amusing and relevant to the story.

Overall I cannot recommend this book highly enough. The twists and turns Palma wrote into the novel are always exciting and often made me gasp aloud at the surprises. The Map of Time is definitely one of my favorite books and I will be looking for more Felix J. Palma novels very soon! You should all go out and buy a copy! Or hit up your library! I’m certain you’ll be in a state of awe just as I was upon finishing the book.

Seriously, Go.

…..For reals…turn of the computer and go read!!

Note – the title for this post comes from the Series 3 episode of “Doctor Who,” entitled “Blink.”


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