New Bangor Zine Archive

A little while back, I dropped off a bunch of Maine zines to R-Massive / Gigantic Monster Records (who I interviewed for RazzleRose when the blog first got started). They were starting a zine archive of Bangor zines from the late 90s and early 2000s. I knew I had some stuff, so I started digging.

What I found wasn’t exactly all Bangor zines, and some were more recent– I’m young enough to have not really been participating in zine culture in Bangor until 2003 or so. But I had made a couple trips to buy up whatever zine consignments area stores were still carrying before someone threw them out accidentally or stored them in a box never to be seen again. That is how I ended up with White Man – White Flag and Void zine, among others. Some zines–like Sunshines Underground and The Looking Glass— came out of my own circle of friends, making zines before we knew of the wider zine culture. We’re still making them today.

It’s my hope when I acquire zines that they can someday be shared more widely, so I’m glad these scrappy cut-n-paste artifacts of Maine zine history are now available online in PDF. Check them out!

R-Massive Zine Archive


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