Akai MPC2000XL Archive

DOCUMENTATION Operator’s Manual (User Guide, Owner’s Manual) Service Manual and Schematics (high quality and complete) OPERATING SYSTEM UPDATES v1.06 (8-24-1999) — currently unavailable v1.07 (11-8-1999) v1.10 (3-2-2000) v1.11 (3-23-2000) v1.12 (12-15-2000) v1.14 (5-16-2001) v1.20 (2-7-2005) FIRMWARE (EPROM Binaries) 2000XL Operation “op” ROM (for panel CPU) SOUND LIBRARIES 2000XL Sound Library … Continue reading

Emu PROcussion Archive

Documents and Manuals Manual Manual – Revision A Factory Kits Factory Stacks Sampled Sounds E-mu Proteus and Proteus XR Technical Manual Note: While not specifically for the PRO/cussion, the Proteus service manual is very similar. Factory Presets User Presets – version 1 User Presets – version 2 E-mu SendDump SysEx … Continue reading

Alesis Micron Archive

As Alesis support for legacy devices is less than stellar… here are a bunch of hard-to-acquire files. Firmware (Operating System, OS) Alesis Micron Firmware Revision History (PDF) Alesis Micron v1.10 [SysEx and MIDI] Alesis Micron v1.02 [SysEx and MIDI] Alesis Micron v1.01 [SysEx] Manuals Reference Manual Quickstart Manual Micron Program … Continue reading