Reclusiam – Reclusiam

(demo, 2004) It can’t be said that Reclusiam’s eponymous debut is groundbreaking or particularly challenging, but it –is– an extremely well executed slab of funeral doom.  The production on this release is immediately evident.  Everything sounds just as it should.   The drums have punch.  The crisp cymbals aren’t harsh … Continue reading

Hyatari – They Will Surface

Receiving a promo copy of this album was rather thrilling, after being such a fan of Hyatari’s earlier release, “The Light Carriers”. After inspecting the packaging, which is well-done and still minimal, but more involved than just black-on-black, I turned it up louder than usual and let it run through … Continue reading

Hyatari – The Light Carriers

Inititally a self-release, and now thankfully available through Earache, this album is a hidden gem brought to the surface. The sound is comparable to a more tribal and less chaos infected version of Halo, subtract most of the vocals. Another possible comparison would be bastard child elements of Neurosis and … Continue reading