Zombie Zombie – Driving This Road Until Death Sets You Free

This is a stop-motion tribute / recreation of John Carpenter’s The Thing, done in very, very, high-quality stop-motion. It features G.I. Joe figures as well as a little live video and digital special effects. The “soundtrack” is Zombie Zombie’s Driving This Road Until Death Sets You Free, making this more-or-less a music video.

Quite similar in name and style to another duo called Zombi, this is retro rock with a style inspired by 70s and 80s horror movie soundtracks. Mostly consisting of acoustic drums, electric guitar, and lots of analog synth, this is a purely instrumental affair. The music is pretty derivative, although perfectly executed for what it aspires to be: Just some good old fashioned vintage ghoulish fun.

For fans of Goblin, Claudio Simonetti, Gatekeeper, Zombi (both the music group and the movies), John Carpenter, and 80s Hasbro toys.

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