E-mu EIIIX / ESI Series Factory Library

The ESI-32, ESI-2000, and ESI-4000 were essentially a tweaked re-release of the Emulator III and can use all the same libraries. It should be noted that the later generation EIV series CDs cannot be used in this early to mid ’90s family of samplers.

Factory Floppy Content (ESi Series)

Download: Includes ESi disks and also the exclusive Sweetwater – Variety of Hits promotional bundles.

Trigger Funk
Techno Shop (2 disks)
Orchestra (2 disks)
Stereo Grand (2 disks)
Rhythm Section (2 disks)
Vintage Combo (2 disks)
ESi Turbo Sounds (2 disks)
Sweetwater Pop (6 disks)
Sweetwater Percussion (6 disks)
Sweetwater Classic (6 disks)

CD-ROM Library

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Vol. 1 – Emulator Standards
Vol. 2 – More Emulator Standards
Vol. 3 – Orchestral
Vol. 4 – Sound FX
Vol. 5 – World Instruments
Vol. 6 – World Percussion/Ensembles
Vol. 7 – E-mu Classics
Vol. 8 – Vintage
Vol. 9 – Psychic Horns
Vol. 10 – Elements of Sound 1MB
Vol. 11 – Elements of Sound 2MB
Vol. 12 – ESI-32 150MB Production Soundset 1 & 2 (2 CD)
Vol. 13 – Dance 2000
Vol. 14 – ESI-32 General Midi Collection
Vol. 15 – Bass Collection (Dan Dean Productions)
Vol. 16 – Twenty Six Studio Drum Kits and Percussion ESI-32 (aka Ditto Drums)
Vol. 17 – Heavy Guitars

E-MU Formula 4000 Series Vol. 1 – Hip Hop Nation
E-MU Formula 4000 Series Vol. 2 – Techno Trance
E-MU Formula 4000 Series Vol. 3 – Analog Odyssey
E-MU Formula 4000 Series Vol. 4 – Earth Tones
E-MU Formula 4000 Series Vol. 5 – Protozoa

Bank and Disk Utilities

EMU3Tool 0.1.0 by Martin Fay (OSX)

MIDI SDS, SCSI, & Remote Control Utilities

Elektron C6 v1.4 (Windows 7 & OSX) or Elektron C6 v1.5 (Win/Mac)
SimplyData – EsiWin v0.1b (Windows 9x/XP)
Sonic Engineering – Xtrakk v0.5.69
E-mu EIII Remote Control Librarian Software (classic Mac)
E-mu EIIIx Remote Control Librarian Software (classic Mac)

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