Ensoniq ASR-X (Pro) Archive

Factory included content and more for the ASR-X (black) and ASR-X Pro (red). Not to be confused with the ASR-10, although ASR/EPS content can be imported by the ASR-X models.

Manuals and Documents

ASR-X Series Getting Started Guide
ASR-X User’s Guide
ASR-X Reference Manual
ASR-X Pro User’s Guide
ASR-X Pro Reference Manual
Ensoniq ASR-X Manual v1.12 (German)
X-8 (8 Output Expander) Installation Manual
Ensoniq ASR-X v2.00 Operating System Reference Manual Addendum
Ensoniq ASR-X v2.00 to 2.50 Reference Manual Addendum
Ensoniq ASR-X Pro Datasheet

Operating System

ASR-X Pro v3.04 OS
ASR-X Pro v3.04 OS New Features
ASR-X Pro v3.20 OS
ASR-X Pro v3.20 OS New Features


Ensoniq ASR-X v2.67 Firmware ROMs (bin and hex)

Sample CDs and Disks

FDX100 Factory 3.5″ Diskette (IMG, EXE, and pre-extracted files)
Ensoniq X-Audio Series Sampling CD-ROM – Volume 1 – Producers’ Mix

This CD includes a great assortment of beats and flips contributed by these wonderful artists and producers: Cut Creator, Masters at Work, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Steve Rigby, Sven Steglich, Megashira/Precision, Tobias Menguser, and Ray Legnini!

Ensoniq X-Audio Series, Volume 2 — currently unavailable

This CD includes killer loops, great synths and basses, hundreds of drum sounds, sound effects and exotic location recordings, all from the same artists and producers who brought you Volume 1 in the X-Audio Series. This CD is one of the most useful and fun sources of audio samples you’ll find anywhere!

Ensoniq X-Audio Series, Volume 3 — currently unavailable

Patrick Sean McLain, a dynamic young producer with a flair for creating instinctive sounds based upon moods, created the samples on this third volume in the X-Audio Series.

Free ASR-X Sounds Collection (1-SOUNDS, 12 pack)


ASR-X Editor w/ OMS (Open Music System)
ASR-X Cakewalk StudioWare
ASR-X Cubase Studio Driver
ASR-X Logic Environment (FX Parameters)
ASR-X MFB FileFixer
ASR-X OMS Patch Names
ASR-X Unisyn Profile
EXP OMS Patch Names

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