Ensoniq ASR/EPS Archive

Ensoniq ASR-10 Factory Bundle

Essential Sound Disk AD-001
Grand Piano 1
Revelation (Transwave)

Essential Sound Disk AD-002
Orch Strings
ASR Flute

Essential Sound Disk AD-003
Roads Keys 2
Clean Guitar
Percussion 1

Essential Sound Disk AD-004
French Horns
Rods Keys 1
Air Choir

Essential Sound Disk AD-005
ASR Organ
Jazz Bass
Mutes Trmpet
Tenor Sax

Essential Sound Disk AD-006
Steel String
Nylon GTR 1
Rez Bass 1
Electric Bass

Essential Sound Disk AD-007
Stereo Drums

Essential Sound Disk AD-008
Demo Kit ASR
Versa Bass
Demo Percs
Demo Synth
Demo Flute
Demo P5-B3
Demo Effects

ASR10 Essential Sounds Manual

Ensoniq EPS-16 Factory Bundle

Essential Sound Disk ED-001
Flute 1
Piano 241
Jazz Bass
Jazz Drums
Blues Rondo
Essential Sound Disk ED-002
Rock Drums
Rock Bass
Multi Organ
Dist. Guitar
Essential Sound Disk ED-003
Hot Moog
Pad Punch
Essential Sound Disk ED-004
Jazz Clarinet
Tymps + Piatti
Essential Sound Disk ED-005
Piano Song
Essential Sound Disk ED-006
Bosendorfer Part 2
Digital Keys
Pop Trax
Essential Sound Disk ED-007
Steinway Part 1
Essential Sound Disk ED-008
Steinway Part 2
Tenor Sax
Rap Tools
Sax Song
Rap Song
Essential Sound Disk ED-009
Hip Orch. Hit
Gringo Loco
Essential Sound Disk ED-010
Nylon Guitar
Rock Steel
Nylon/Steel Song
Essential Sound Disk ED-011
Miami Brass
LA Guitar
Brass/Guitar Song
Essential Sound Disk ED-012
Choir Girls
Choir Song
Essential Sound Disk ED-013
Full Strings
String Song
Essential Sound Disk ED-014
Choice Drums
Essential Sound Disk ED-015
Club Scene Demo

Ensoniq EPS Factory Bundle

Essential Sound Disk ESD-1001
Grand Piano

Essential Sound Disk ESD-1002
Acoustic Guitar

Essential Sound Disk ESD-1003
Tenor Sax

Essential Sound Disk ESD-1004
Power Drums

Essential Sound Disk ESD-1005
Pop Horn Section
Celestial Voices
Electric Bass
Upright Bass

Essential Sound Disk ESD-1006
Epic Strings

Essential Sound Disk ESD-1007
Dream Guitar

Essential Sound Disk ESD-1008
Electric Guitar

Essential Sound Disk ESD-1009

OS, Utilities, & Other Materials

Operating Systems

Ensoniq ASR10 Operating System v1.00/1.61/3.53 (Omniflop & HxC/HFE)
Ensoniq ASR10 Operating System v3.53 (Bootable CD-ROM)
Ensoniq EPS (classic/original) Operating System v2.49 (Omniflop & HxC/HFE)
Ensoniq EPS16 Operating System v1.30 (Omniflop & HxC/HFE)


Ensoniq ASR10 Musician’s Manual
Ensoniq ASR10 OS 3.0 Addendum
Ensoniq EPS Musician’s Manual v1.1
Ensoniq EPS16+ Musician’s Manual
Ensoniq EPS16+ OS v1.10 Supplement (Addendum)
Ensoniq EPS16+ OS v1.30 Supplement (Addendum)
Ensoniq ASR10 SP-3 SCSI Manual
Ensoniq EPS/EPS16+ SP-1 & SP-2 SCSI Manual
Ensoniq ASR10 & ASR88 Service Manual
Ensoniq EPS (classic/original) / EPSm Service Manual
Ensoniq EPS16+ Service Manual

Ensoniq ASR10 External Command Specification (MIDI SysEx / System Exclusive Documentation)

Ensoniq EPS16+ External Command Specification v1.30 (MIDI SysEx / System Exclusive Documentation)

Ensoniq FB-1 and FB-2 FlashBank Installation Instructions
Ensoniq FB Series FlashBank Manual

Ensoniq OEX-6sr Operation Manual

Ensoniq DI-10 (Digital Input & Output aka ASR-10 SPDIF) Installation Manual


EDA2IMG & EDA2HFE (ASR-series only) v0.3

Automatically and quickly convert Ensoniq ASR-type EDA files directly to Omniflop type images and HxC HFE. Also effortlessly converts 1600K/HD IMG files to ASR-ready HFE files.


Automatically and quickly convert Ensoniq EPS-type EDE files directly to Omniflop type images and HxC HFE. Also effortlessly converts 800K/DD IMG files to both EPS and ASR compatible HFE files.


Automatically and quickly convert Ensoniq EPS-type GKH files directly to Omniflop raw images and HxC HFE files compatible with both EPS-series and ASR-ready units. Runs on modern PCs unlike the similarly named (and nearly forgotten) legacy DOS program.

Note: GKH format is the same as a standard raw image file except with a 58-byte header. For the desperate or masochistic, this header can also be stripped manually with a hex editor, however tedious.


Automatically and quickly convert EPS/ASR instrument/effects files directly to Omniflop type images and/or HxC HFE. Most useful for those unlucky souls without SCSI.


Converts Ensoniq ASR/EPS raw (IMG) or HxC (HFE) floppy disk images to Giebler EDA/EDE format which may be required for some legacy Ensoniq programs like the classic Macintosh program EPSm by Terje Finstad.

Ensoniq EPS16 – Diagnostics (Test & Burn-In) Disk Bundle
Ensoniq EPS (classic/original) / EPSm – Diagnostics (Test & Burn-In) Disk Bundle [Revision B]

Ensoniq ASR Blank Floppy Image (IMG & HFE)
Ensoniq EPS/EPS16 Blank Floppy Image (IMG & HFE)

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