Oberheim DPX-1 Archive

Sample disks, manuals, and information about the Oberheim DPX-1 sample player. Manuals and Documents Owner Manual Owner Manual Addendum (for v2.1 and v2.2) Service Manual [includes ECOs (Engineering Change Orders) and schematics] Firmware Oberheim DPX-1 v1.4 Oberheim DPX-1 v2.2 Utilities to be added Sample Disks Oberheim DPX-1 Factory Bundled Diskettes … Continue reading

Importing Legacy Samples into Kontakt 5

Using vintage Akai, Emu, Ensoniq, Kurzweil, Roland, and Yamaha sample CD-ROMs and other instrument files with Kontakt is fairly simple to do, and does not require purchasing any additional third-party conversion software. Kontakt 6 has removed support for these legacy sampler formats, but Kontakt 5 will happily convert and (if … Continue reading

Akai MPC4000 Archive

Documents and Manuals Reference Manual Addendum Manual (OS v1.50) Akai MPC4000 Service Manual QWERTY Layout CD Drive Troubleshooting Guide Operating System Firmware (OS Updates) Operating System v1.71 (latest) Operating System v1.71 Release Notes Operating System v1.70 Operating System v1.60 OS Loader (PC) OS Loader (OSX) OS Loader (OS9) ak.Sys Software … Continue reading