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Boss – Defining Boss

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Defining Boss is the third Boss album on Flophouse Records. This is twelve songs of social critique and self-reflection. Sometimes direct, and sometimes a storyteller, Boss lays down compelling rhymes full of substance and clever turns-of-phrase. Though never skimping on hooks and delivery, the lyrics and message are clearly the focus. On this release, we don’t see a rapper trying for a hot single, but a writer exposing his inner thoughts and laying down his legacy.

Defining Boss retains Boss’s rhythmic skills while adding the juxtaposition of melodic vocals. This is welcome growth in a more classic style, avoiding any overly modern cliches like T-Pain auto-tune or Kanye West chipmunk vocals. Musically, Defining Boss, is also more classic in style, rooted in samplers and drum machines. There isn’t an over-abundance of synths or production trickery. Straight-up and no-frills, being produced solely by Xavier Lazerus who worked on the previous Finding Boss and Boss Is.

Watch the video interview Opening the Gray featuring Boss.

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Boss – Boss Is

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Boss – Just Might Steal Your Girlfriend [Live Performance]

Boss – Go Buy Things [Live Performance]

Boss – Finding Boss

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Opening the Gray – An Interview with Boss

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An interview with rapper / beat poet, Boss (Crown Jewels / Swords of I-Ching). A reflection upon origins, intent, and philosophies. Check out the new Boss album Defining Boss, available January 2011.

Presented in full HD.