Yamaha MT Multitrack Cassette Recorders

Owners Manuals Also known as: Owner’s Guides, Instruction Manuals, Operations Booklets, User Manual, Product Manuals, etc. Yamaha MT1X Yamaha MT2X Yamaha MT3X Yamaha MT4X Yamaha MT8X or alternate version Yamaha MT8X II Yamaha MT8X – Planning Sheet Yamaha MT44 Yamaha MT44D Yamaha MT50 Yamaha MT100 Yamaha MT100 II Yamaha MT120 … Continue reading

Disciples of the Crow [1983]

20-minute short based on the same Stephen King material as Children of the Corn, but released prior to the feature film. – Winner of Chicago Film Festival “Gold Hugo Award” and the National Merit Award. – Initially available on Stephen King’s Nightshift Collection VHS as a double-feature, but also released … Continue reading