Anne Fortier – Juliet

Published: Ballantine Books, 2012 FOR NEVER WAS A STORY OF MORE WORE, THAN THIS OF JULIET AND HER ROMEO Plot Overview Julie Jacobs and her sister Janice were orphaned at a young age when their father died tragically in a house fire and their mother, only a short time later, … Continue reading

Elizabeth Kostova – The Historian

Published: Little, Brown and Co., 2005 A SILLY LITTLE GUNSHOT WOUND… Plot Overview History grad student, Paul, is in the library one evening, surrounded by books, working on his dissertation about merchants in Denmark, when he notices a book on his table that he hadn’t taken off the shelf. It’s … Continue reading

Jim Butcher – Storm Front

Publisher: Roc, 2000 WATCH OUT FOR TOAD-DEMONS AND SEX-CRAZED TALKING SKULLS Plot Overview Harry Dresden is *not* what comes to mind when one hears the word “wizard.” This word summons images of bearded, wizened old men in cloaks with pointy hats and magic staffs. Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden is not … Continue reading