Philistine is a post-industrial blackened death/doom metal band in some ways similar to Toadliquor, Bunkur, Moss, and HALO. Other musical inspirations include Khanate, Godflesh, Neurosis, P.H.O.B.O.S., Isis, Hyatari, and Cult of Luna.

“Heavy and crushing!”
“Absolutely killer stuff!! It blew me away… nice and heavy!”
“I have been listening to it non-stop, it’s really, really great”
“Fucking great stuff. Crushing indeed.”
“Really really nice”…”heavy.” – Robert Allen, drummer for HALO


Philistine – Black Hymnal

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Second crushing full-length by post-industrial death/doom brutes Philistine.


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Philistine – Consume and Devour

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Debut full-length by post-industrial death/doom brutes Philistine.

Bonus Track: Devilock


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Guitar Tablature

The Radiance of a Thousand Suns
Crushed Under the Temple’s Collapse

Philistine – Haruspex [Video]

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Download in MPEG format

Interview 1: – by Oscar Strik

Article 1: Motivations of Philistine
An introspective with Philistine.

Article 2: Production Notes
For those interested in aesthetic choices.