Swords of I-Ching

Clever and insightful underground hip-hop / trip-hop.

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Swords of I-Ching – 1200 Pieces of People

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The collision of two worlds.

Fusing the beat-poetics and street-preacher style of Boss, and the dark trip-hop sonics of Ghostie, Swords of I-Ching is an amalgam of various disciplines and approaches. At times a fusion of opposites, a synergistic pairing at others.

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Swords of I-Ching – Hourglass [Video]

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Swords of I-Ching – Ten Minutes in Advance of the Truth

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This EP is the second release from Swords of I-Ching. Exploring new territories in composition, melody, and style, Ten Minutes in Advance of the Truth is a fresh blend of modern music, blurring the lines of hip-hop, rock, and electronica.

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