Emu PROcussion Archive

Documents and Manuals Manual Manual – Revision A Factory Kits Factory Stacks Sampled Sounds E-mu Proteus and Proteus XR Technical Manual Note: While not specifically for the PRO/cussion, the Proteus service manual is very similar. Factory Presets User Presets – version 1 User Presets – version 2 E-mu SendDump SysEx … Continue reading

Alesis Micron Archive

As Alesis support for legacy devices is less than stellar… here are a bunch of hard-to-acquire files. Firmware (Operating System, OS) Alesis Micron Firmware Revision History (PDF) Alesis Micron v1.10 [SysEx and MIDI] Alesis Micron v1.02 [SysEx and MIDI] Alesis Micron v1.01 [SysEx] Manuals Reference Manual Quickstart Manual Micron Program … Continue reading

Akai Z4/Z8 Archive

Documents and Manuals User Guide (English) User Guide (Japanese) Addendum v1.45 (English) Addendum v1.41 (English) Addendum v1.41 (Japanese) Addendum v1.40 (English) Addendum v1.20 (English) Addendum v1.20 (Japanese) MIDI SysEx Specification Memory (RAM) and Internal Drive (IDE) Installation Guide IB-4D (Z4 SPDIF) Installation Guide Z4 & Z8 Service Manual and Schematics … Continue reading