Gigantic Monster Records Compilation – Vol. 2

Godzilla vs. Spaceghost:
The Best of the Gigantic Monster Demos – Volume 2

Part two of a two volume set spanning the first ten years of Gigantic Monster Records artists. Featuring a cross-section of various styles and genres. Uncovered from the vaults and remastered for your listening pleasure.

Hidden Bonus Track: Blanket of Ash – War Blob

Printable Cover Art (600 DPI)

Swords of I-Ching – 1200 Pieces of People

The collision of two worlds.

Fusing the beat-poetics and street-preacher style of Boss, and the dark trip-hop sonics of Ghostie, Swords of I-Ching is an amalgam of various disciplines and approaches. At times a fusion of opposites, a synergistic pairing at others.

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