Edirol UM-1S Drivers for Windows 10

The Edirol/Roland UM-1S is a tried-and-true 1-in/1-out USB MIDI interface. Historically, it had good support and was dependable and compatible with many operating systems. However, official driver support was dropped after Windows 8.1, so there are no vendor drivers available for Windows 10.

Great hardware. Formerly solid support.

The maddening thing is that signing the driver certificate is the only thing Roland needs to do to make the UM-1S compatible with Windows 10. That’s it. They just have to use their certificate on the existing drivers, and post it to their website. It would take a negligible amount of manpower. Less manpower than responding to inquiries about whether it is or will be supported on Windows 10 or not.

To add insult to injury, Microsoft does not make it easy (or particularly safe) to install unsigned drivers. Rather than allowing users to very selectively install trusted (albeit unsigned) drivers on a case-by-case basis, the workaround requires disabling Secure Boot, and disabling driver signing enforcement entirely.

At any rate, it’s possible to still use the Edirol UM-1S on Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit) via unofficial means.

Here are the unofficial x86 and x64 Windows 10 drivers for the Edirol UM-1S. Follow the included instructions, and enjoy!

Hint: These drivers should work for any other devices sharing the hardware ID of “USB\VID_0582&PID_0009” in Device Manager.

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