Affiliate – The Red Project

The Red Project is Affiliate’s sophomore release on Flophouse Records. Twenty-one tracks featuring a long list of producers including Basement Entertainment, Green Tank Productions, Taox, and Silvamore.

1. Intro / I Flip ‘Em
2. Affiliate’s Coming
3. Welcome To The Riot
4. Ya Dead
5. Allaat
6. I Don’t Think You Want It feat. E-Telligent
7. Pull Up On The Curb
8. Not One At All feat. Charles Manson
9. Scattered Brains
10. Save Me
11. Bring It To ‘Em
12. Shoot ‘Em Up
13. Eyes On The Barrel
14. Watch This feat. King $terlz
15. Always Gonna Win
16. My Name’s Affiliate
17. Hold It Down
18. Crime Don’t Pay feat. Ms. Sheek
19. Too High To Die
20. My Way
21. Ease The Pain

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