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Nathan is a contributor to R-Massive and all around scoundrel. Follow him on Twitter @DiminishingRet.

Homemade Horrors #1

By Nate Bradford EPISODE ONE: RUBBER WHORE HELL Welcome to Homemade Horrors, a new feature where we discuss low-to-no budget films. Tonight’s flick is Rubber Whore Hell, an independent short from the wilds of Massachusetts. I first became aware of this movie back in 2009 when a friend turned me … Continue reading

Avoidance Therapy #3

ORIGINAL WORKS OF FICTION, PROSE, & POETRY BY NATHAN BRADFORD EPISODE THREE: HANDLE WITH CARE Bruce Frasier’s ex-wife Wendy came from Texas for a visit. She brought along her new husband, Miguel. Miguel was from Puerto Rico. They drove from Austin to Brooklyn, New York, most of their journey along … Continue reading

The Cessploitation Conflagration #8

By Nate Bradford & Steven Ronquillo We pop culture. EPISODE EIGHT: INTRODUCING THE R-MASSIVE A.V. CLUB or FILMSTRIP-A-GO-GO We all remember the joy of the classroom filmstrip. For most of us, it meant the difference between squirming our way through a boring lecture and zoning out to some poorly acted … Continue reading