Roland Sample CD Collection


Numerous CDs for Roland Sxx series music samplers:

EastWest – Smoov Grooves Sxx
EastWest – Scoring Tools Sxx
Edirol – Brass Section, Vol. 1 – Solos
Edirol – Brass Section, Vol. 2 – Pop and FX
Edirol – Club50 Foundation
Ilio – Trace Fusion
Optical Media – Sonic Images Library Sxx
Roland – Brass Strings, Hits and Combos
Roland – Bass Coma X7
Roland – ’60s & ’70s (CD 1 & CD 2)
Roland – Guitars and Bass, Vol. 1
Roland – L.A. Composer, Vol. 1
Roland – L.A. Composer, Vol. 2
Roland – L.A. Composer, Vol. 3
Roland – L.A. Composer, Vol. 4
Roland – LCDC Composer, Jazz Vol. 1
Roland – Rhythm Section
Roland – String Masters
Roland – SuperSax Vol. 1
Roland – SV SP 70 Vol. 1
Sound Gallery – StackWare Sxx
Universe of Sounds – Vol. 1 (Roland S-5xx)

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Also of interest:

Roland Director-S for S-50 (no dongle required)
Roland Director-S SYS-503 Owner’s Manual
Roland Director-S for S-330 (no dongle required)
Roland Director-S for S-550 (no dongle required)
Roland Director-S SYS-553 and SYS-333 Owner’s Manual
Roland S-Series Disk Tools (classic Mac & PC DOS)
Roland SDisk (v1.6) Utility [Note: Run in Windows 95 compatibility mode on newer systems]

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