Affiliate – The Red Project

The Red Project is Affiliate’s sophomore release on Flophouse Records. Twenty-one tracks featuring a long list of producers including Basement Entertainment, Green Tank Productions, Taox, and Silvamore. 1. Intro / I Flip ‘Em 2. Affiliate’s Coming 3. Welcome To The Riot 4. Ya Dead 5. Allaat 6. I Don’t Think … Continue reading

Dragged Into Sunlight – Hatred for Mankind

Pure nihilistic ferocity. Existence rending desperation. Channeled misanthropy culminating in the ultimate isolation. This is Dragged Into Sunlight. There are so many metal reviews out there that mention how ‘brutal’ and ‘sick’ a particular music release is, that it can be hard to take anyone seriously when they make claims … Continue reading

Golem 101 – Prinzip der Finsternis

a.k.a.  [Principle of Darkness] (self-released) It’s hard not to be a cliche in music nowadays, especially in the EBM/Industrial genre.  Well, in someways, the German four-piece known as Golem 101 has indeed fallen victim to this sad fact, but at least they know how to use all the best cliches … Continue reading

Reclusiam – Reclusiam

(demo, 2004) It can’t be said that Reclusiam’s eponymous debut is groundbreaking or particularly challenging, but it –is– an extremely well executed slab of funeral doom.  The production on this release is immediately evident.  Everything sounds just as it should.   The drums have punch.  The crisp cymbals aren’t harsh … Continue reading