Worm – The Armageddon Codex

(2004, self-released) This industrial/death metal band was a rather random find, truly the underground distribution system at work.  It was worth the effort.  As far as I know, this is the first release from this Egyptian outfit.  Nothing groundbreaking, but keeping the high tempo death metal tradition alive.  Dead-on riffing … Continue reading

Uaral – Sounds of Pain

(Lost Horizon Records, 2004) I’m not familiar with Uaral’s demo releases, but this duo’s first CD release on Lost Horizon reminds me a bit of a folk version of Nortt.  If he moved to Chile and replaced the droning electric guitar with an acoustic, you might get something like “Uaral … Continue reading

Red Sparowes – At the Soundless Dawn

(Neurot Recordings) Take the quieter parts of Isis and Cult of Luna, mate them with Sonic Youth and Interpol, strip away almost all the vocals, then add a dash of frenetic explosiveness.  This is an approximation of “At the Soundless Dawn”.  Most people would preface their description of this band … Continue reading

Transmission0 – 0

(Go-Kart Records) In a pregnant genre that is on the verge of being saturated with copycats, clones, and panderers, we see a band break away from the pack. That genre is atmospheric metal, and that band is a 5-piece from Holland called Transmission0. To their dismay, they are easily comparable … Continue reading