Roland MKS-50 Custom Firmware

– 16×1 OLED display support

Currently, the sole purpose of this firmware is to enable OLED support for the purposes of display replacement. MKS-50 units with the stock display or LCD LED retrofits which use “8×2” addressing (faux 16×1) will not benefit from this firmware, as it is not an upgrade, per se, but rather an alternate build.

Potentially Supported OLEDs

Vishay 016N001ABPP5N0000 (blue) or O016N001AWPP5N0000 (white) via Mouser, U.S. distributor

Raystar REC001601ABPP5N00000 (blue) or REC001601AWPP5N00000 (white) via TME, European distributor

Winstar WEH001601ABPP5N00000 (blue) or WEH001601AWPP5N00000 (white) via Comet, Bulgarian distributor

Note: This list is not necessarily all-inclusive, nor guaranteed, but it is very likely all these displays will work. It should be noted that the physical size of the MKS-50 display is an issue, so creativity is a must.


For other OLED firmware solutions in the Juno series, refer to Juno 1 and Juno 2.

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