Roland TR-505 Sound ROM Creator

Create your own Roland TR505 sounds with these decoder / encoder tools…

Roland TR-505 Sound ROM Creation Tools v0.50

If the authored ROMs are to be used in a 4x bank (512K) configuration, such as Harry Axten’s HKA Design Roland TR-505 Expansion then the 128K ROMs can be merged with the included tool. Likewise, any 512K ROMs can be split into standard 128K TR-505 ROMs.

Included kits (so far):

– Akai XR10
– CR-78
– LinnDrum
– LinnDrum (alternate)
– Linn LM-1
– Oberheim DMX
– Roland TR-505 (stock)
– Roland TR-808
– Roland TR-909

Please do share any created kits here and/or with Harry Axten so that others may enjoy them!

Note: The tools are fairly automated and fool resistant, but the old adage holds true — garbage in, garbage out.

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