Roland TR-626 Sound ROM Creator

Create your own Roland TR626 sounds with these decoder / encoder tools…

Roland TR-626 Sound ROM Creation Tools v0.15

If the authored ROMs are to be used in a 2x bank (512K) configuration, such as Harry Axten’s HKA Design Roland TR-626 Expansion then the 256K ROMs can be merged with the included tool. Likewise, any 512K ROMs can be split into standard 256K TR-626 ROMs.

Included kits (so far):

– Akai XR10
– LinnDrum
– Linn LM-1
– Oberheim DMX
– Roland TR-707
– Roland TR-808 and 909
– Roland TR-626 (stock)
– Yamaha RY30

Please do share any created kits here and/or with Harry Axten so that others may enjoy them!

Note: The tools are fairly automated and fool resistant, but the old adage holds true — garbage in, garbage out.

Technical Details

The TR-626 sound ROM pinout exchanges the A6 and A8 address lines, so while the data on the byte level is not scrambled, portions of the data are shifted to erroneous positions within the ROM itself. The decoder/encoder tools automatically account for this, as well as the odd/even interleaving of the 4K instruments and “round-robin” allocation of the 16K/32K instruments. As such, no special end-user considerations are necessary.

Do not try to outsmart or assist the tool by altering the data beforehand, or by supplying it with unscrambled, decrypted, decoded or otherwise pre-processed ROM images. All of the included ROMs are exactly as they should be to maintain compatibility with both the toolkit and Harry Axten’s expansion and methodology.

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