SCI TOM Sound ROM Creator

Create your own SCI TOM sounds with these decoder / encoder tools…

Download: SCI TOM Sound Rom Creation Tools v0.1

The authored ROMs are specifically intended for use with Harry Axten’s HKA Design Sequential Circuits TOM Mini Cartridge boards, but they should also work with the Tauntek TOM16 expansion, or simply by substituting the internal sound ROM with a custom EPROM.

The included decoder can convert any Sequential Circuits TOM sound ROM binary to standard 16-bit wave format. This includes any ROM created by this encoder tool, or any previously published SCI TOM ROM from HKA Design, SCI, Drumware, or Tauntek.

Included Kits:

– Akai XR10
– Cheetah MD16
– MXR 185
– Roland R70
– Roland 707
– Roland 909

Please do share any created kits here and/or with Harry Axten so that others may enjoy them!

Note: These tools are fairly automated and fool resistant, but the old adage holds true — garbage in, garbage out.

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