Akai S612 Archive

Sound Library (QuickDisk)

Akai Sound Library (so-called ‘Grey Collection’)

01A – Trumpet
01B – Trombone
02A – French Horns (low)
02B – French Horns (high)
03A – Violin and Viola
03B – Cello and Bass
04A – unknown
04B – unknown
05A – Vibes
05B – Marimba
06A – Voices (med)
06B – Voices (high)
07A – Female Choir
07B – Mixed Choir (bum)
08A – Mixed Choir (uh)
08B – Mixed Choir (ah)
09A – Orchestra Hit #1 (sustain)
09B – Orchestra Hit #2 (staccato)
10A – Snare #1 (gate echo)
10B – Snare #2 (digital reverb)
11A – Toms #1
11B – Tympani #1
12A – Slap Bass
12B – Electric Bass
13A – Fender Stratocaster E String
13B – Fender Stratocaster B String
14A – Hi String
14B – Rhodes
15A – Haunting Fifths
15B – Glassy
16A – Chorus Snare
16B – EMS

LA Studio 20 (Blue)

61A Grand Piano 1
61B Grand Piano 2
62A Electronic Piano 1
62B Electronic Piano 2
63A Rock Guitar Chord
63B Classical Guitar 1
64A Killer Bass
64B Double Bass
65A Vibes
65B Tenor Sax
66A Girls’ Voice
66B Bass Flute
67A French Horns
67B Poly Brass
68A Violins and Violas
68B Jazz Lick
69A Harmonica
69B Broken Glass
70A Armageddon
70B Elephant Cry

Orchestra Ensemble (Red)

02A Orchestra Hit #3
02B Strings Hit
03A Full Strings #1 (gliss up)
03B Full Strings #2 (gliss down)
04A Vibraphone #1
04B Vibraphone #2
05A Flute #1
05B Flute #2
06A Timpani
06B Rolling Timpani
07A Glockenspiel
07B Harp (Single tone)
08A Marimba #1
08B Marimba #2
09A Cembalo #1
09B Cembalo #2
10A Pan Flute
10B Recorder


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