Akai S-Series CD-ROM Sound Library

Akai S-Series CD-ROM Sound Library

Sounds for Akai S1000, S1100, S3000, S5000 and S6000.

Volume 1 XL – Complete S3000 & CD3000 Library

A. Piano/Keyboard/Mallet
B. Strings
C. Brass/Wind
D. Drum/Rhythm
E. Percussion
F. Bass/Guitar
G. Voice/Organ
H. Synthesizer
I. Work Station
J. Sample Wave Mixing
K. Sample Wave Mixing
L. Sound Effects
M. Ethnic/Break Beats/Orchestra/Others

Volume 2 – Complete S1000/S110 Library

A. Piano
B. Strings
C. Brass/Wind
D. Drum
E. Percussion
F. Bass/Guitar
G. Voice
H. Keyboard
I. Synthesizer
J. Others
K. Work Station
L. Sample Wave Mixing
M. Sound Effects

Volume 3 – Drum Kit Collection

A. Kick
B. Snare
C. Tom
D. Hi-Hat
E. Crash Cymbal
F. Crash Cymbal
G. Ride Cymbal
H. Ride Cymbal
I. Snare
J. Tom
K. Drum Kit

Volume 4 – Rhythm Loop Collection

A. Dry Loop
B. Ambience Loop
C. Synth Loop
D. Effect Loop
E. Others Loop
F. Bonus Sounds

Volume 5 – Percussion Collection

A. Cuba
B. Cuba
C. Brazil
D. Africa
E. Other
F. Other
G. Ethnic
I. Kit

Volume 6 – Sound Effects Collection

A. Daily Life
B. Tools
C. Human
D. Background
E. Synth FX
F. Transportation
G. Other Sounds 1
H. Other Sounds 2

Volume 7 – New Keyboard Collection (for S3000 XL)

A. Piano
B. Piano II
C. Strings
D. Guitar
E. Bass
F. Synthesizer
G. Voice
H. Mallet
I. Other

Volume 8 – General MIDI Sets

A. GM Set #1
B. GM Set #2
C. GM Set #3
D. GM Set #4
E. GM Set #5
F. Percussion / Sound Effects
G. Drum Kit


Akai S3K to HFE and IMG v0.7

Combine sets of Akai S3000 sample and/or program files into floppy disk images. Works with Awave authored S3K samples, or full disk contents produced by the S3K extractor tool or Akaiutil which allows for a full roundtrip between sampler and PC. Samples can thus be dumped, edited, and repacked to a diskette image.

Also allows for WAV conversion for easy import without Awave or additional tools; WAVs can be auto-normalized and sample rate reduced during conversion.

Generated images can be loaded on any Akai sampler with S3000 compatibility such as S2000.

Works on modern Windows systems, or as old as XP 32-bit.

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