Ensoniq Mirage Archive

Any owner of an Ensoniq Mirage with an HxC / HxC Gotek floppy drive emulator will be looking for content to add. Here are a whole bunch of already converted, ready-to-use disk images. Included in this archive are multiple OS, format, user, and stock images. This is an extensive collection and includes the usual ‘all of The Internet’ sets such as DaDash, Hologram, MUG, Mirage-Net, et al. but also many more exclusive items not commonly available.

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Quickly convert those pesky EDM Giebler-type Ensoniq Mirage floppy disk images to raw (Omniflop) and HxC HFE format. Also batch converts 440K IMGs directly to Mirage and EPS/EPSm/EPS16+ compatible HFEs. Remember, EPS samplers will natively import Mirage disks, so EPS/EPS16 users can get in on the fun!

MirImage v0.7

Read/write wavetables on Ensoniq Mirage IMG and HxC/HFE disk images, as well as automatically generate informational reports on Mirage disks. Comparable to Mdisk, but designed with a focus on floppy emulator compatibility.


Ensoniq Mirage Parameter Reference Card Chart
Sequencer Expander Cartridge (SXQ-1) Instruction Manual

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