Ensoniq EPS 16+ Tutorial

The EPS16+ (a.k.a. EPS-16 Plus) has been used by: Rza on “36 Chambers”, Havoc on early Mobb Deep, El-P, and many others. Here is how to get started sampling with an Ensoniq EPS 16+, specifically focused on drums. Also relevant to the EPS 16’s big brother, the ASR 10.

This is an in-depth walkthrough and demonstration geared towards those new to sampling concepts and/or the EPS 16+.

Part 1: Covering sample rate, filter rate, clipping, truncate, normalize, boost, envelopes, effects, and more.

Part 2: Covering volume, panning, key range, layers, trigger mode, copying / erasing wavesamples, and hi-hat choke / cutoff.

Part 3: Covering how to load / save / edit effects, assign effects to instruments, wavesamples, and tracks, and advanced bus routing tricks including Waveboy Parallel FX.

Part 4: A continuation of the effects / bus / Parallel FX tutorial using a real world example of how to mix down a complete song. Covering resample with effects, mono/stereo imaging considerations, and instrument panning and volume as it applies to in-the-box mixing.

Part 5: Covering sequence creation, saving, and deletion; click tracks; instrument tracks; loop recording and playback; note quantize; event editing and filtering; time shifting; mix volumes; performance data; and mute/solo modes.

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