Fairlight CMI IIX Archive

The Fairlight CMI IIx needs no introduction to music sampler enthusiasts. Given the rarity and price of genuine hardware units, most will be interested in this as users of Arturia CMI or QasarBeach as those are software recreations available to everyone.

Sample Libraries

Below are various factory and user samples in IIx format. All downloads contain disk images for use on hardware units, but also VC format for software recreations, as well as WAV format for import (and/or conversion) into almost any hardware or software sampler.

Fairlight CMI Sound Library v1.3 Catalog (PDF)

Best of Fairlight USA (HFE, IMG, VC, and WAV)
cmi.fairlightus.com Library (IMD, IMG, VC, and WAV)
CML Library (HFE, IMG, VC, and WAV)
Kristian Schultze Library (HFE, IMG, VC, and WAV)
Original CMI IIX Library v1.4 (HFE, IMG, VC, and WAV)
Peter Gabriel, Herbie Hancock, Simon & Garfunkel Tour (IMG, VC, and WAV)
Sven Miracolo Library (HFE, IMG, VC, and WAV)


Fairlight CMI IIx HFE, IMD, & IMG Sample Extractor v0.1

Automatically and quickly convert Fairlight CMI IIx disk images from HFE, IMD, and/or IMG format into VC and WAV files.

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