E-mu SP1200 HFE to WAV Decoder

No longer have an SP1200 but need the samples from an old project? Never owned an SP1200 but want to see if there are any fun sounds in the SP1200 factory library? Here’s your chance!

– Extract WAV samples from E-mu SP1200 floppy disk images: HxC/HFE or IMG (raw sector images)

This program is not comprehensive nor advanced, but no other utility can do this, so… it is what it is.


E-mu SP1200 Floppy Image to WAV Decoder v0.4

Note: It is only possible to read 3.5″ DD 720K/800K type SP1200 disks via a Kryoflux setup or by hot-swapping between a floppy emulator and a standard Emu SP1200 floppy drive. Due to the unique format, it is impossible to read/write/copy SP1200 disks with Omniflop or other standard methods used on PC with other vintage samplers.

In other words, if you don’t already have your SP disks in HFE format (or a Kryoflux stream) then you’re likely out-of-luck because this utility will not be able to access your physical floppies.

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