E-mu Emulator II Factory Bank Library

The factory library for the Emu Emulator 2 sampler contains many classic sounds used in a plethora of ’80s New Wave / Synth Pop hits (and beyond), yet the complete collection is hard to find.


There are various versions floating around on the Internet, but none of them have the complete set in working order; either some disks are missing entirely, or particular disks are corrupt and unusable. In order to remedy this situation, the set available below has been compiled from various sources, and is entirely complete.

This library is of interest to Emax users as well. Even though many of the Eii banks were translated into the Emax factory library, not all of them made the journey. But there’s no reason to despair, as you can now do it yourself with E-Synthesist’s amazing EMXP utility.

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Emulator II (EII) Bank to HFE Converter v0.2

Fast and easy way to convert many EII banks to bootable HxC HFE images with the Emulator II operating system of choice.

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