E-mu SP1200 Factory Sample Library

Complete aside from ZD517 – Techno Drums #2, however these have not been extensively tested and may or may not be altered from the original content.

ZD501 Latino Ensemble
ZD502 Congas
ZD503 Kyodai Rock
ZD504 Standard Traps
ZD505 Orchestral Bash
ZD506 Rock Assortment #1
ZD507 Rock Assortment #2
ZD508 Electro Boys
ZD509 World Percussion
ZD510 Turbo Kit
ZD511 Ricky’s Bam-Bam
ZD512 Percotron
ZD513 Time Bomb Set
ZD514 Bongo Fury
ZD515 Latino II
ZD516 Techno Drums #1
ZD517 Techno Drums #2 (missing)
ZD518 Timbales
ZD519 Steel Drums
ZD520 Rock Drums

E-mu SP-1200 Factory Disk Set (HxC/HFE format)

Intended for use with Lotharek or Gotek devices flashed with HxC/FlashFloppy firmware.

Note: It is only possible to write these to 3.5″ DD 720K/800K type disks via a Kryoflux setup or by hot-swapping between a floppy emulator and a standard Emu SP1200 floppy drive. Due to the unique format, it is impossible to read/write/copy SP1200 disks with Omniflop or other standard methods used on PC with other vintage samplers.

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