Donate $5 to Heifer International and Win a Necklace by Local Artisan

"Passing on the gift": Giving the offspring to others is a key part of Heifer International's strategy.

Collective member Suzanne Anderson of Yikes! Studio is a polymer clay jewelry artist whose art is fun, elegant and innovative. Her latest project is a fundraiser for the international nonprofit organization Heifer International, whose work empowers women and families with the gift of livestock animals. Suzanne is raffling off a beautiful necklace with beads depicting the faces of women world-wide, expertly caned from polymer clay. A donation of $5 or more enters you to win– and the proceeds help someone find economic security and dignity through ownership of livestock.

The organization’s website describes their mission this way: “Heifer International is a non-profit organization whose goal is to help end world hunger and poverty through self-reliance & sustainability.” Among organizations that address hunger and opportunities for women, Heifer International is a standout, with measurable successes as well as the less measurable, but immeasurably valuable, experiences of empowerment. Suzanne (of Lucerne, Maine) and I talk about the necklace she is creating as a fundraiser for Heifer. Read the interview!

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