Photo Contest Winners Chosen

We had a great time judging the May Photo Contest in collaboration with The Maine Edge alternative newspaper.  Here are the winners.

Lily Muscatell


Lily Muscatell, "Tiny"

We loved Lily’s photo because it is fun, humorous and lively– great characteristics for a “Spring” photo contest. The yawn perfectly captures that sense of trying to “wake up” after a long… long…  Maine winter.

Sandy Olsen

” if you don’t know where you are, how do you know where you are going?”

Sandy Olsen, " if you don't know where you are, how do you know where you are going?"

This photo was a standout with its beautiful composition and color. I love marshes and ponds in the spring– they’re not the “iconic Maine” of the coastline that everyone flocks to see, but they’re my Maine. This little guy fishing captures the still, quiet damp calm of a Maine spring day.

Laura Dunn

“Daisy with clam diggers; gooserocks beach”

it's a family thing

Laura Dunn, "Daisy with clam diggers; gooserocks beach"

Dunn says that this is “our beloved hen Daisy on an excursion to the beach last weekend.” Daisy does look right at home there.

We truly enjoyed each and every photo sent to us, and we’ve published more of our favorites in the May photo gallery.

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