Casio FZ Sampler Archive

Support for the Casio FZ series of vintage samplers including: FZ-1, FZ-10M and FZ-20M. The Hohner HS-1 is a rebranded Casio FZ-1.

Sample Libraries

Factory Library [FZF]
Soundwaves Library [FZF]
Shareware Library [FZF]

Swedish Users Club Public Domain CD (1 of 2)
Swedish Users Club Public Domain CD (2 of 2)

Note: This is also known as the “Andreas Göransson library”, as it used to be available through his website via snailmail for the reimbursement price of two CD-Rs.

Livewire Library [FZF]

Note: The Livewire library is currently incomplete at only six disks.


Casio FZ-1 IMG2FZF v0.1

Automatically convert Casio FZ disk images (IMG & HFE) to FZF format for use with Awave Studio or the ancient ‘fzdump’ utility.

Casio FZF2IMG & FZF2HFE v0.1

Automatically convert all supplied FZF files to FZ compatible HFE and IMG disk images. Supports subfolders, and maintains original filenames (no annoying double extensions).

FZDUMP v0.4 by Jeff McClintock

Transfer samples to/from (send or receive) a Casio FZ-1 over MIDI. For related technical information, see the Data Transfer Specifications document below.

Note: While this program is rather old, it still runs on modern 64-bit Windows.

Steinberg – Synthworks for Casio FZ-1 (Atari)

Legacy program for FZ series which only runs on vintage Atari computers.

Manuals, Books, and Documents

Operation Manual (English)
Service Manual
Casio FZ-1 Data Structures
Casio FZ-1 Data Transfer Specifications (includes cable pinouts)
Casio FZ-1 Patent Information #1
Casio FZ-1 Patent Information #2

Optional Software

Copytool — to be added
Hardware Checker — to be added
HDD Operator — to be added
Looptool — to be added
Playbacker — to be added

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